Theater Play

L’Anarchiste, Anis Gras (Arcueil), March 2014 © Jean-Sien Kin

Virak, a taxi driver and Cambodian refugee in Paris, has a car accident with his passenger, a British tourist. While she is slowly dying, he confesses to her his torments: editor of a political newspaper in the 60-70’s, he is convinced that he played a role in the fall of the Republican government that led to the arrival of the Khmer Rouges into power.

Original Text: Soth Polin (Table Ronde, 2011)
Adaptation and directing: Jean-Baptiste Phou
Cast: Jean-Baptiste Phou and Elisabeth Bardin
Choreography and interpretation: Sarosi Nay
Acting coach: Sophie Belissent
Scenography: Victor Melchy
Lighting and video design: Nicolas Barraud
Costume design: Victor Melchy and Alina Profir
Wig and make-up: Judith Scotto
Music: Olivier Bostvironnois (OB.one)
Khmer dance coach: Kim Lay Ley
Animation: Denis Do
Video: Mathieu Pheng
Sound: Dara Chek
Voice-over: Dara Chek, Sophie Belissent, Bopha Chheang
Graphic design: Jean-Sien Kin
Technical assistant : Ingrid Coutami
Administration: Amara Prum
Residence creation at Anis Gras, 2014 produced by Khsay company

Video documentation of the play: